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Children’s Hunger Fund Recives Support from Michael Omidi

When my brother, Julian Omidi, and I first formed our organization, No More Poverty, we knew that children were literally going hungry because their parents couldn’t afford food and other basic necessities. This caused a myriad of emotions, such as anger, sadness and frustration, but it also ignited a passion in the two of us and we knew that we had to do something about this travesty. As two lone brothers, Michael and Julian Omidi, we knew that our work to end hunger and poverty could only go so far. However, we took our passion used it to form a not-for-profit organization, which has enabled us to push back against poverty. We now fight poverty’s issues by supporting and collaborating with different organizations, including the one that No More Poverty has most recently supported called Children’s Hunger Fund.

Those of you who follow us (Michael and Julian Omidi) and who keep up with No More Poverty’s relentless fight toward accomplishing our mission are aware that we have supported a number of organizations with similar goals. While all of them are worthwhile and to be commended for their efforts, it is organizations like Children’s Hunger Fund who need special attention. This is not because they are working harder than any of the others, but because they are supplying one of the most fundamental needs in life– food. There is no way to overcome poverty, hopelessness, health issues or any of the other issues caused by poverty if a person doesn’t have quality, nutritious food to eat.

Children’s Hunger Fund directly supplies food to hungry children and their families. By distributing food paks, nutritional supplements and emergency food in times of disaster, the organization is able to provide the sustenance needed to enable children and their families to participate in other activities necessary for ending poverty. No More Poverty recognized the urgency of the work that Children’s Hunger Fund is doing and we immediately sprung into action with our support. We want them, and all of the children that they feed, to know that No More Poverty, as well as Michael and Julian Omidi as individuals, stand with them in the fight against hunger.

Lest any of you think that No More Poverty, or even Michael and Julian Omidi, simply highlight Children’s Hunger Fund in order to notify you of our support, we want you to know that our goal on behalf of the organizations we highlight is always to go a step further and provide information to the public about the specific work being done and the ways in which each of you can also help. By visiting our website at, you will find information on all of the organizations that No More Poverty supports and, while we do not accept donations for No More Poverty or for any of the charities that we highlight, we do offer you ways that you can become involved with the organizations. You can also support the organizations we spotlight by ‘Liking’ our Facebook page at where we will donate $1 for each new ‘Like’.

Michael and Julian Omidi are the co-founders of No More Poverty, an organization with the primary mission of ending poverty worldwide. The Omidis intend to accomplish this monumental goal by supporting organizations with a shared commitment to end this condition. Michael and Julian Omidi often blog about No More Poverty’s progress in this effort and the organizations that they support.

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