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Michael Omidi, MD and his brother Julian are dedicated to No More Poverty’s mission

Foundation for Second Chances

No More Poverty Supports Foundation for Second Chances

Foundation for Second Chances

No More Poverty, the charitable organization created by Michael Omidi, MD along with his brother Julian Omidi, has recently announced its support of the Los Angeles-based youth outreach organization known as Foundation for Second Chances. The brothers believe strongly in the mission of Foundation for Second Chances and are pleased that No More Poverty is able to assist in the upliftment and empowerment of young people living in low-income communities throughout the southern portion of Los Angeles.

The Quest to End Poverty Worldwide

Julian and Michael Omidi, MD began No More Poverty with a distinct mission in mind. Realizing the connection between poverty and an array of social ills, the brothers set out to end poverty in the United States and abroad. As such is a lofty effort, which is unlikely to be attained through the work of a single group, Julian and Michael Omidi, MD decided that No More Poverty would approach its enormous mission through the support of organizations that are already addressing poverty and its many issues.

Approaching Poverty at Its Root

Foundation for Second Chances offers an array of programs and activities designed to address a lack of resources in communities throughout Southern Los Angeles. Through mentoring, after school activities and academic tutoring, Foundation for Second Chances provides children with valuable academic support, as well as teaches them many of the powerful life skills needed to lift themselves out of poverty’s grasp. With the support of individuals and organizations like No More Poverty, Foundation for Second Chances is able to directly recruit volunteers and provide things like books and school supplies for the young people in its program. Donations to the non-profit also help to provide health examinations to children in need.

No More Poverty’s History of Helping

Michael Omidi, MD and his brother, Julian, are sincerely dedicated to No More Poverty’s mission of ending poverty. While Foundation for Second Chances is the latest organization that the group supports, it joins a long list of others supported by NMP and that are also working on the front lines towards empowering communities and uplifting the people in them. Other recent recipients of support from No More Poverty include the Children’s Hunger Fund and Martha’s Kitchen, the latter of which provides food and other services to homeless people living in Northern California.

Help Support No More Poverty’s Mission

As No More Poverty continues to lend a helping hand to organizations like Foundation for Second Chances, Julian and Michael Omidi, MD hope that other people will join these efforts. No More Poverty does not accept donations on behalf of any organization that it supports, but more information on each charity can be found at or through the organization’s Facebook page at To contribute directly to Foundation for Second Chances or to volunteer time and services to the organization, Michael Omidi, MD and his brother, Julian, ask that everyone visit Second Chance’s website at No More Poverty is very proud to support Foundation for Second Chances, but realizes that it will take a worldwide effort for the mission against poverty to be achieved,. Until then, the Omidi’s continue to spread the word about this charity and all of the others that No More Poverty supports.

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