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Michael Omidi, MD Reviews Man Changing Cancer Care

Michael Omidi, MD has just learned of one young man’s struggle against cancer and the ripple effect it may have on cancer care. Many doctors, including Michael Omidi, MD, see the potential to change cancer care thanks to one brave young man.

One young man, aged 24, has unfortunately had to endure more than 350 surgeries since a very early age in order to remove tumorous growths that keep presenting in the man’s throat and lungs. These growths have continuously threatened the man’s life, but luckily what may help him could also potentially help millions of other cancer patients.

A discovery was made in the case that has allowed doctors to grow tumors from each individual patient’s cancer in a lab dish and then test various combinations of medications and drugs to see what treatment will be effective for that patient. It only requires a few cells from a biopsy, is accomplished in about two weeks, and utilizes methods and materials found in most hospitals.

Cancer cells are known to be difficult to grow in a culture, but this new technique may make it much easier to accomplish this. The benefit is a method to provide cheap and personalized treatment without putting patients through unnecessary rounds of chemotherapy that don’t work and cause significant side effects.

As for the 24-year-old man, by using this method doctors have been able to test medication typically used for blood cancer that has shown to be effective for him, something they would have never concluded as the man doesn’t have blood cancer nor does he even technically have cancer. Coming to this conclusion may have taken doctors┬ámany tests and significant time to come to this conclusion, but now the man has been stable for more than a year and is going through less surgeries each year. Hopefully this means a sea change in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Michael Omidi is a supporter of various charities and has founded his own non-profit with his brother Julian Omidi called No More Poverty.


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