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Michael Omidi Talks About the Sex-Trafficking Epidemic

Michael Omidi, M.D. from No More Poverty here to alert you to the fact that, worldwide, nearly 30 million people are living in slavery. As disgraceful as this is, even more disgraceful is the fact that modern-day slavery is largely fueled by poverty, which is something that we all can and must address. A recent article written by Chuck Neubauer of the Washington Times referred to sex trafficking as an epidemic and, sadly, I couldn’t agree more.


While many people who are enslaved work as domestic servants, an overwhelming number of trafficking victims are children and young adults who are being forced to sell their bodies for sex. My brother, Julian Omidi, and I cannot stand for this, which is why we created No More Poverty in order to raise awareness about poverty and all of the ills that it causes, including human trafficking. I take no pleasure in reporting to you that sex slavery has reached epidemic proportions, but I do take great hope that each of you will stand with No More Poverty in eliminating poverty so that we can, in the process, simultaneously work to eliminate sex trafficking.


I encourage you to look into this critical issue for yourself by visiting the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime at or the Polaris Project at to educate yourselves on the issue of slavery around the world. We also hope that you will support agencies we’ve spotlighted in the past and which also combat human trafficking, such as Children Of the Night whose information you can find on our website at


Often, underage women working in the sex industry are referred to as teen prostitutes. What many don’t realize, however, is that these young girls are actually sex slaves, these young girls and boys are undeniably victims of extreme abuse and need our help in raising the public’s awareness about the conditions they live with every day.


Many of those in the sex trade as adults do so because they fell victim to predators at a very young age, while running from households plagued by abuse. Once alone on the streets with nowhere to live and nothing to eat, children in these situations become prey to pimps who introduce them to the sex industry, ply them with drugs and control them through violence as well as mental and emotional abuse.


We want you to know that, through No More Poverty, Julian Omidi and myself assist organizations like Children Of the Night, which directly fights against child sex trafficking, as well as charities like Children’s Hunger Fund, The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, and others that work to empower young people. Through these organizations children are paired with caring adults whom they can confide in and who can help them work beyond issues that may lead them to lives of hard survival on the streets. Child sex-trafficking is an enormous issue comprised of many different epidemics all stemming from the same condition. Your help is desperately needed by these organizations and the children that you can help to save.



Michael Omidi, MD



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